ADA-Compliant Signs

Custom-made ADA signs, Priced by quote

Our standard ADA signs include 1/16″ thick background and 1/32″ raised
applique in basic ADA colors. We translate your text as needed into grade 2 raster braille with clear braille dots.

We fabricate based on your designs and specifications. Many colors and various sign thicknesses available.


ADA regulations for room signs focus on making the signs easy to read. Here are some recommendations for compliance:

  • Uppercase characters
  • Non-decorative, sans-serif font
  • Minimum character height of 5/8″
  • 3/8″ of blank space between sign elements and at the edges (including braille).
  • Pictograms placed in a 6″ high area, separate from text and braille
  • Nonglare materials in strongly contrasting colors.
  • Leave adequate space for braille. For simple signs, 1″ of blank space across the bottom is usually enough, but text-heavy signs sometimes require more.

Signs that identify rooms and spaces need raised characters and braille. Informational and directional signs do not. Ask us about engraving these.

Want a quote? Have questions about compliance or materials? Ask us. We’ll do our best to help.